Cinnamon Brown Butter Ice Cream

A rich ice cream that tastes like pie!!

Cinnamon Brown Butter Ice Cream // A rich ice cream that tastes like pie!! //

Have you heard about brown butter? I’ve been seeing it all over the place: in cookies, cakes, pastas, egg dishes, tarts – it’s everywhere! Apparently it has been used in recipes for a long time, but I have been seeing it lately a ton! Brown butter is simply butter that has been melted down and cooked until browned. The obsession over this quick trick has to do with the increased, rich flavor and the nutty aroma brown butter produces. After trying it out myself, I gotta say, the obsession is justified. It’s just butter (which is, well, one of my favorite ingredients) made 10 times better!

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How to Make Chocolate Curls

A step-by-step tutorial to the best garnish: chocolate curls!

How to Make Chocolate Curls //

GUYS. This is my favorite post because this is the easiest recipe with the most impressive result! Those are always the best, right? I love, LOVE making chocolate curls because it makes your cake/parfait/cupcake/plate look amazing with so little effort! Before first trying these, I thought these little guys would be tough to make, but they’re actually so simple! You first saw these featured on my Flourless Quinoa Chocolate Cake and now you’ll see the whole process.

There are many different methods to making chocolate curls. I’ve tried several and this way is by far the easiest and the most reliable. Here’s what you’re going to do:

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Peanut Butter Crunch Granola Bars

A recipe inspired by the soft and delicious Clif Bars

Peanut Butter Crunch Granola Bars // a recipe inspired by the soft and delicious Clif Bars //

I LOVE granola bars! I see granola bar recipes on Pinterest all the time and I try a new one every once in awhile. So many delicious variations out there and I thought I’d throw my own version into the mix!

Granola bars make the perfect grab-and-go breakfast and they’re also a great snack. My husband and I enjoy hiking (we even got engaged on a hike!) and I always pack granola bars. I’m one of those people who need to be feed every two hours and there is no way I can start up a mountain without a backpack of goodies. So, in a granola bar, I’m looking for something that provides energy and fills me up. This recipe is stuffed with so many healthy, substantial ingredients that it will keep you fully satisfied! Continue reading!

April Highlights

Hi all! Today I’m kicking off a new series of monthly highlights. In these posts, I’ll share a little about my month, the dishes I posted about, the recipes I’m trying, and more!

Collage April Wrap Up

This month has been crazy, y’all! I expected a quiet month before summer kicked off. There wasn’t much on the calendar and I was focused on finishing my last four weeks of college (eeek!!!) strong. Instead, I found myself racing between writing final papers, working my on-campus marketing job, and starting my new post-grad job – yay for employment!! But, wow, nearly 30 hours a week of work plus full-time school is no joke! Now I just have three finals between me and graduation and I am ready to do this!!

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