What To Eat During Recovery for Wisdom Teeth Removal

After dreading this day for LITERALLY years, I caved and got my wisdom teeth removed last Friday. I put it off for as long as I could, hoping they would never cause me problems, but ALAS (picture all the angst in throwing oneself onto one’s bed and dramatically sobbing), my other teeth began to cause me pain because of the pressure of my two darn bottom wisdom teeth.

My dentist was incredibly professional and caring and the whole thing was not even 10% as bad as I expected. The surgery went well – I was sedated and hardly remember a thing (not even the episode of Downton Abbey my husband and I watched when we got home – of course, I had to re-watch it later!) and my recovery has been relatively easy.

I know that wisdom teeth removalĀ and other oral surgeries are super common, so I wanted to share some of my tips and ideas for eating during recovery. It can be challenging, but I have some great recipes below that you can try out for you or your loved ones you’re caring for to help give you fuel during recovery, even when you can’t hardly open your jaw or chew!

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