August Highlights

Guys, it’s September 6th and I’m just now getting to August Highlights! I was tempted to skip it, but I decided to throw this post together because I still have so much to share (and I just didn’t like the thought of a big black hole of a missing post in my archives)! I want to make sure that you haven’t missed any of the awesome recipes I got to share this past month and give you a little life update!

August Highlights //

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July Highlights

Welcome to AUGUST!

What. A. Month. Busy to the max. Hottttt in Denver. Good food on the table.

Just this past weekend, my husband and I went on a camping trip with a family from church. I like camping, but I am still trying to master the whole camping food situation. On one hand, I really want to indulge in fantastic camping-esque food while in the beautiful mountains. On the other hand, I don’t want to go crazy as the pancake batter falls in the fire and the grilled sandwiches are covered in ash and the crumbs that fall around the picnic table make me terrified that bears are gonna come eat us.

So – the bottom line is, I want easy and yummy and no-hassle and memorable and delicious.

This trip, I think I got one step closer to that goal.

We started off the weekend with grilled veggies and chicken over the fire. I cut the veggies at home before we left and the chicken marinated on our way there. We dumped the veggies and chicken over the fire grill, turned them every once in a while, and there you have it – super easy dinner! Of course, we supplemented it with goodies like pasta salad (made in advance), grapes, chips, and pretzels (all of which have no prep!)

July Highlights //

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June Highlights

Bringing you the best recipes of the past month!

June Highlights //

June has been a terrific month! I’ve had so much fun┬ádeveloping new recipes and sharing them with you! We kicked off the month with an awesome Blackberry Almond Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing – I just loved this! It is such a great, summery, fun, and fresh option for a quick dinner. Then, I shared an easy smoothie, my Energizing Banana Blueberry Smoothie.

Those two gluten-free recipes were followed with another two great gluten-free recipes: Gnocchi “Mac” and Cheese and Breakfast Stuffed Peppers. I love to share recipes that cater to all sorts of dietary needs! If you haven’t noticed before, I often include notes below my recipes with suggestions to adjust to your dietary preferences. Look there for recommendations on how to make my recipes gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, or more!

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May Highlights

The best of May!

May Highlights //

It’s been a great month! This month, I graduated from college and my parents flew up to CO to celebrate with us. My husband and I also got to visit his family in SC and enjoyed good food, hot weather, and a really cute baby with them. I also started my awesome real-life, grown-up, full-time, post-grad job and that is super exciting!

This month I posted a bunch of new recipes and here’s a round-up in case you missed any!

My most viewed post this month – – – this absolutely to-die-for Cinnamon Brown Butter Ice Cream. I agree with y’all wholeheartedly there: this ice cream is the bomb dot com. The richness, the creaminess, the sweetness, it’s going to knock your socks off. So, run, do not walk, to your kitchen and whip up a batch ASAP.

P.S. No ice cream maker? Check out this post and you can join in on the fun!!

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