Hi, I’m Rachel!

Ever since I was young, I’ve always liked to bake and I’ve loved to eat. My ten-year-old self believed I was an expert cookie-maker.

After getting married in June 2015, I found myself spending more and more time in the kitchen during my free time, learning how to regularly cook meals for two. I discovered how much I enjoy making good food for friends and family to enjoy. Who doesn’t love to hear someone exclaim, “You made this?!”

In January 2016, I took the plunge and started writing in this tiny space.

Come take a seat at the table and let’s dig in together.

My husband and I in our favorite place to eat – Italy!

The Name

Mesa Cooking Co. earned its name after several horrible weeks of brainstorming. I am not exaggerating; I agonized over the name of this blog. I would wake up in the middle of the night with possible names running through my head and spent way too much time with thesauruses – I can’t imagine how I am going to someday name a child!! Finally, when I was so frustrated I was ready to call it ‘Food Blog’, I thought about the word mesa.

Mesa, for me, is the perfect word for two main reasons. First, mesa means table in Spanish. I think sharing food around a table can be such a special and intimate experience. The word mesa represents those experiences. Enjoying a delicious meal with others cultivates friendship and community. I can see someone at church every Sunday for months, but once we share a meal, the friendship reaches an entirely new level. Making food for others and gathering around a table to feast is a wonderful act of love. I hope my blog can in some small way make those experiences more delicious and more frequent! Perhaps a recipe will inspire you to reach out to a new friend or host a dinner party with neighbors.

The word mesa is also a nod to one of the most dear times of my life. I spent eight months in a Spanish-speaking country, Costa Rica, right after graduating from high school. This time was a hugely formative food experience. The meals I enjoyed and a sweet cook I befriended influenced me in the most meaningful ways. I learned recipes with only instructions only given in Spanish and used ingredients I had never tried before. Those memories will last my lifetime and I’m happy to have that time represented by the name of this blog.