Almost-Christmas Coffee Break

Morning, friends! It’s time for an almost-Christmas coffee break to catch up and share a few happenings!

Almost Christmas Coffee Break //

Winter seems to have arrived! Fall in Colorado this year was beautiful, but now we’re starting to see many more colder days. This past weekend I took a hike with a friend near Boulder. The entire hike a light, perfect snow fell on us. It was seriously the most beautiful snow – check it out:

The trees by our city buildings were recently strung with white lights and they look amazing! You know how sometimes trees are strung with one wimpy 20-foot string of lights and it looks kinda silly. Well, these trees down the road from us are gorgeously lit! They’re huge pine trees and they have got to have hundreds of feet of lights around them – so pretty at night!

We don’t really decorate seasonally in our wee little apartment. There is simply NO room to store decorations for every season and also maybe I’m just really lazy. BUT I do set up a tiny 24 inch Christmas tree with Jake and I’s ornaments from growing up. A few nights ago, we set this up together and hung our stockings. We watched a holiday movie and I strung some popcorn garland and it was just sweet and cozy and I loved it. Looking through all the ornaments brings back lots of memories.

And our wee little tree:

Almost Christmas Coffee Break //

I just can’t believe it’s already the 6th and in just a couple weeks we’ll be hopping on a plane (again – boy, it’s been a year full of traveling) to visit my family in MN for Christmas! This year we have decided to forego presents (a complete break in tradition) and I cannot explain how much this has simplified this season!

Do y’all have any traditions that you love to keep or would love to break?

Almost Christmas Coffee Break //

One of my favorite podcasts is the Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. Every week she asks her awesome guests what are three things they’re loving. I love this part because it introduces me to all sorts of things that I need to get into! They might be a habit, a restaurant, a brand – whatever! I thought I could start sharing some of my random favorite things from time to time and I’d love to hear about what y’all are digging lately too!! (This mostly goes without saying, but I want to be clear – these are just things I love – not affiliate links, not an ad, just sharing my fav things!) Here goes:

  1. Hope Heals. This book, y’all, would be such a good gift to your _____ (anyone!) or just get it for yourself. I read most of this book very, very late during our second night in Rome. Like 4am late. That was miserable. Jetlag kicked my butt. But reading this book was WONDERFUL! If you want to dive into a beautiful story of marriage and love and faith, pick up this book! And watch the book trailer here first.
  2. Thai peanut sauce. Y’all know I love my thai peanut sauce from my summer rolls! Lately, I’ve become re-obsessed and mixing and matching gorgeous veggies and rice paper and rice noodles and I am just so in love with thai peanut sauce. New recipe with all this goodness coming at cha on Friday!!
  3. thredUPEveryone needs to know about thredUP!!! This site is a life-changer. Essentially, it’s an online thrift store with some seriously quality merchandise from excellent brands. I have gotten some amazing pieces from thredUP that I could not afford at full price – if you’re looking for some new clothes at a bargain (and with consideration to the environment), you definitely should check them out. I just ordered a new coat from them and was reminded how awesome they are and basically just am bursting with their awesomeness and needed to share it with you!

My sweet little ornaments from my parents – they saw the baking passion a LONG time ago!!

Almost Christmas Coffee Break //

Almost Christmas Coffee Break //

What are some of your favorite things lately?? Especially during this winter holiday season? Stay warm, friends!!

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