August Highlights

Guys, it’s September 6th and I’m just now getting to August Highlights! I was tempted to skip it, but I decided to throw this post together because I still have so much to share (and I just didn’t like the thought of a big black hole of a missing post in my archives)! I want to make sure that you haven’t missed any of the awesome recipes I got to share this past month and give you a little life update!

August Highlights //

Above are four vegan recipes that I shared this month! I love these recipes because they use such great, wholesome ingredients that will give you energy and help you feel good! If you haven’t seen these recipes yet, be sure to check out this pink fruit salad (plus a video), chocolate-covered bananas (also has a fun video!), zucchini and carrot fritters, and summer garden stuffed peppers! I LOVE all these recipes – I would never share a recipe I don’t love – so if one sticks out to you I hope you try it too and let me know what you think!

Quick break in food talk for life news:

I’ve spent much of August finalizing details and booking tours and making a packing list because this month Jake and I are going to ITALYYYYY. It does not even seem real that we will be on a plane over the Atlantic in just over a week! Neither of us have been to Italy and Jake has never been to Europe, so we are so, so excited for this new experience.

We’re looking forward to the history, the sights, the relaxation (maybe, I have a LOT planned!), and the FOOD. I am just bracing myself for an overload of inspiration from Rome and Florence cuisine and I cannot wait – it will be amazing and delicious and I’m going to eat and try everything I can! Looking forward to coming back and sharing tons of recipes inspired by this trip! If any of you have been to Italy, tell me anything you think I should know before we go!! Restaurant recommendations? Must-see sights? Tips for navigating the streets? Do share!!

OKAY, back to the food! You gotta check out my chocolate and peanut butter parfaits – they are so, so delicious and rich! And surprisingly easy to throw together! And if you’re a pancake lover or a cheesecake lover or BOTH, try this blueberry cheesecake pancake recipe! It’s kinda dessert for breakfast and I’m not gonna say no to that. But they’re also made with whole wheat flour – healthy win!

This herby turkey bagel sandwich is a fabulous weekday lunch with a spread you will love, and for a super easy, simple, hearty dinner, try this vegetarian Mexican lasagna! It is super customizable for picky eaters and you should definitely check it out if you haven’t already.

August Highlights //

I also made these raspberry puff pastry squares and you just gotta make them! Raspberries are so beautiful, we should really be putting them on even more of our foods.

Raspberry Puff Pastry Squares // A stunning, delicious dessert filled with whipped chocolate ganache and fresh raspberries //

One more plug for those parfaits – they were my most liked Instagram photo this month! The people of Instagram have spoken – these are amazing!!

I hope you all have a beautiful day! Check back tomorrow for a very fun fall recipe that you’ll definitely want in your recipe box or on your Pinterest board!

P.S. Have you heard of Yummly?? It’s like Pinterest, but just for recipes! I just joined it and after using it for a few weeks, I gotta say it is really fun! The advantage of Yummly is that it pulls the recipes straight from each website, so they include tons of helpful nutritional information. If you’re looking for a new way to organize your favorite recipes, I recommend checking it out – plus, you can now “yum” all my recipes with the Yum button at the bottom of my page by the other social shares! Try it out!

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