July Highlights

Welcome to AUGUST!

What. A. Month. Busy to the max. Hottttt in Denver. Good food on the table.

Just this past weekend, my husband and I went on a camping trip with a family from church. I like camping, but I am still trying to master the whole camping food situation. On one hand, I really want to indulge in fantastic camping-esque food while in the beautiful mountains. On the other hand, I don’t want to go crazy as the pancake batter falls in the fire and the grilled sandwiches are covered in ash and the crumbs that fall around the picnic table make me terrified that bears are gonna come eat us.

So – the bottom line is, I want easy and yummy and no-hassle and memorable and delicious.

This trip, I think I got one step closer to that goal.

We started off the weekend with grilled veggies and chicken over the fire. I cut the veggies at home before we left and the chicken marinated on our way there. We dumped the veggies and chicken over the fire grill, turned them every once in a while, and there you have it – super easy dinner! Of course, we supplemented it with goodies like pasta salad (made in advance), grapes, chips, and pretzels (all of which have no prep!)

July Highlights // www.mesacookingco.com

Originally, we were going to cook them like kabobs on roasting sticks, but the grill situation turned out to be WAY faster – which is what you want after 20 tense minutes of setting up your tent.

(And our tent is actually AWESOME – it (typically) goes up in 5 minutes – so, so easy! But we put it away lazy last time and we got all mixed up. I’m comforted, though, that we put it away Sunday morning in less than 5 minutes. It’s just the best.)

July Highlights // www.mesacookingco.com

All in all, an EASY and super delicious (and healthy – yay!) camping dinner! I highly recommend it!

P.S. A lake we visited this weekend – all the heart eyes for this scenery! This Minnesota girl misses her lakes in summertime Colorado.

July Highlights // www.mesacookingco.com

Now, a quick rundown on all the recipes I shared this month – we gotta a lot of savory goodness here!

For sweets, I shared this beautiful, mouthwatering bowl of ice cream (most liked Instagram for the month – of course this melty, creamy ice cream speaks to the heart!):

I also shared my Blueberry Buckle recipe with my first video!! And, I had to make a video for my Monster Cookies from last month, because I adapted them to be GLUTEN-FREE – a kitchen miracle.

Guys, these videos have been so fun! I share them on my Instagram and Facebook first so be sure to follow me there! And two videos in, I’m already totally addicted – they’re just cute and it’s a extra creative outlet!

July Highlights // www.mesacookingco.com

Healthy recipes this month: I shared a spicy hummus recipe and then introduced you to the wonder of hummus on grilled cheese. I’ve got your pizza night covered with this super simple greek pizza (all the best Mediterranean flavor!) and when you need a light, fast dinner, try my herby turkey lettuce wraps! I wrapped up the month with a modified chimichurri recipe, complete with cilantro and red onion – and tune in later this week for a terrific vessel to enjoy that chimichurri!

In other news, this month I joined the BuzzFeed Community and began writing posts about must-try recipes. My first one, 15 Mouthwatering Ice Creams That Are Loaded With Fresh Fruit, landed on Buzzfeed’s front page! It was super fun to share my Dark Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream recipe (because the more people try this ice cream, the happier we all will be) and to see some other amazing fruity ice cream recipes from other bloggers! (And all my hipper, in-the-pop-cultural-know friends were like, “OMGOSH, you’re on the front page of BUZZFEED!” Which made me feel famous for a minute.)

And, if you’re gluten-free or have GF friends, check out my post on 15 Mouthwatering Desserts You’d Never Guess Are Gluten-Free! So many incredible recipes in that round-up!

Lots more fun planned for August – including more videos! Can’t wait!

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